Hello, I’m Lara
your new Spanish teacher

Alaespañola is an online school-academy that offers Spanish lessons through Skype.
It’s founded and directed by Lara Vera, born in Valencia (Spain), classical philologist (expert in Latin and Greek) and professor of Spanish for foreigners (ELE) with experience in both fields of teaching


I discovered that I liked to teach thanks to a friend who came to my house for some help with some subjects such as math, history…

Every time she passed an exam, I felt very good and happy to have helped her to understand better. My mother, who was at home, listened to me while helping my friend and one day she said “you can explain very well”.

From that moment, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.


I have always liked more “literature subjects” and I have also been very curious about the origin and etymology of languages, especially Spanish.

Then I decided to study Latin and ancient Greek at the university.

After that I did my master’s degree and, to broaden my work options, I took a Spanish teacher course for foreigners with internships in an academy. During these years of study, I also worked as a private teacher.


After my studies, every summer I worked in a Spanish school for foreigners. I also gave private Spanish classes on weekends to foreigners who worked and could not go to school.

During the rest of the year I worked as a teacher of Latin and Greek in high schools.

Thanks to all this experience, I developed my own didactic method. I understood that there is no perfect book, that patience and vocation that the teacher transmits to students are one of the most important things in teaching.

A good teacher is the best book a student can have.


More and more people are studying online for different reasons: because it’s cheaper, they don’t waste time going to school and coming back, they work and can’t go to the academy, it’s more comfortable…

I noticed that there were so many people studying online, I decided to create this website for all who want to learn Spanish from home with a native teacher.

The best way to learn a language is by speaking with a native and experienced person. If you have never studied Spanish and can not come to Spain to do it, this is your opportunity. A lot of my experience is in the initial levels.

What are you waiting for?

Of course, I am also willing to address the needs and interests of students. If there is any specific aspect that you want to improve – just grammar or only practice and improve the conversation – or even want to be well prepared for a DELE test, you just have to tell me.

If you have any questions or need any information, you can send me an email (in Spanish, in English or Italian) to: