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- Alaespañola is a website that offers private lessons of Spanish via Skype with a native teacher -


You will have your own native Spanish teacher, qualified and experienced, with whom you can learn in a faster, more efficient and direct way.

This way you will have a more real contact with Spanish and its culture. It will be like being in Spain.


Alaespañola teaches you Spanish for levels A (initial) and B (intermediate) and all the different aspects of language-grammar, reading and listening comprehension, written expression. Above all and most importantly teaches you oral expression, since the purpose is to teach SPANISH well for the everyday life.

Alaespañola has the appropriate didactic material to develop and improve the different linguistic skills online. In the first lesson, the teacher does a short interview to get to know the student better and thus select and prepare the right material for him or her.

Try 30 free minutes, get to know me and convince yourself!

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He conocido a Lara el pasado año en Valencia durante una experiencia de estudio del español. Es una persona soleada, alegre y con tantos deseos de transmitir la lengua española. Ha sido una experiencia estupenda y tengo que decir que gracias a ella he vuelto a Italia pudiendo entender y decir cualquier cosa en español. Gracias Lara, eres la mejor!


Lara es muy agradable, simpática y muy preparada. Estudié con ella durante dos meses y aprendí mucho. Recomiendo sus lecciones que están hechas a medida para el estudiante y con la máxima disponibilidad. Hablando con Lara aprendes tantas cosas porque puede transmitir mucho.



Gran competencia, máxima disponibilidad y amabilidad: una maravillosa experiencia de aprendimiento del español cuando y donde quieres. El amterial que Lara propone y envía es realmente funcional y se aprende tanto y muy rápidamente. Para mí fue una muy buena elección.


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Advantages of studying Spanish online

If you can not go to Spain to study Spanish, Alaespañola gives you the possibility to learn Spanish without leaving your country in a simple and economical way.
You just need a Skype account, email and a desire to learn.

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You can choose the days and hours that suit you best in our calendar and do the reservation, then you will receive a confirmation email and all the necessary information before you start with the lessons.

Alaespañola has the perfect studying material for you. Why? Because starting from the “base material”, the teacher adapts it to your interests and tastes. In this way the lessons are more dynamic, enjoyable and interesting!